Sunday, April 20, 2008

Responding with Speed

"In any struggle, speed is of the essence. The challenge lies in making the most of the limited time available. The Chinese classic Shi Chi (Record of History) states: 'It is hard to find the right opportunity and easy to lose it.' That is why Shin'ichi always acted with the conviction that now is the time, never delaying or postponing."The New Human Revolution--Vol. 21: Chap. 2,People's Diplomacy 24, trans. April 10th, 2008

Responding swiftly is of utmost importance. Moving with lightning speed very often determines whether we are victorious or not. Swiftly and accurately, let's take all the necessary action in order for us to be absolutely victorious.

hi my dearest personally counting down to 9 + 3 more days wher i will officially be known as kovan mbr instead of hgs.. using wadever time i have to do the most with all of you. lets all think and act as one, together with Sensei's heart in mind. Unless theleaders are united and motivated, striving joyously for the members' happiness, there can be no true growth within the organisation. Lets not procrastinate or point fingers at others but take each and every matter into our own hands. Sensei never waited for the other leaders. The Lion is not afraid of loneliness.. this is what i use to encourage myself whenever i feel very tired and lonely. Gambatte lo!! we muz show actual proof(s) and become kings and queens of happiness!! ^^

Also encourage all of you to contribute to this growing-cobwebs blog. lets make sure every bit of effort we put in does not go wasted by reachin out to our mbrs with great concern and compassion instead of juz pushing for attendance. =)

Love, weili

Friday, April 18, 2008

Yamaguchi Campaign

Lets learn together from Sensei the key to victory from one of the famous and unprecedented battle : Yamaguchi campaign.

(Unofficial Translation of “Yamaguchi Toso”, Daibyaku Renge, October 2003,
by K-O Region Translation Group)

--- “President Toda has given the direction that we will carry out the overall Shakubuku
Campaign in Yamaguchi from the next month. I, as the general staff, will fight like Yoshitsune,
like Shinsaku. Let me fight the battle for the Law, which will remain in the history.” ---- SGI
President Ikeda, in the “Youthful Diary” dated Sept. 5, 1956.

The Yamaguchi Campaign followed directly after the “Battle of Osaka” unfolded. The period of
the Campaign was only from October 1956 to January of the next year, 1957. It was a short
decisive battle, fought only three times. The SGI President was 28 years old.

♦ Testimony: Yoshio Fusaki (Tsurumii Chapter Corp Leader at that time)

I went to Osaka frequently for business at that time. During the Yamaguchi campaign, I headed
to an inn in Yamaguchi where Sensei was staying, on the way from Osaka where I was
conducting business. However, when he saw me, Sensei told me to go home. My mind went
blank and I did not know what to do. I went back to my room and thought about why Sensei told
me that. I came to realize that my heart was not ready to fight alongside Sensei. I was coming to Yamaguchi with a feeling that I was still on my business trip. During dinner, I appealed to Sensei “Sensei, I am very sorry. Please let me fight with you.” As I look back, Sensei’s determination at that time was that much more fervent and earnest. Sensei once mentioned that he can see whether a person is serious or not just by listening to his footsteps in the hallway.
Ever since, I have made this guidance my life’s motto. President Ikeda described this episode to
the representatives of the dispatched members as follows:
Depending on the person, it is important to be strict and say what needs to be said. True strength comes forth once a strong determination to challenge both work and activities to fullest is made. He was not utilizing all of his capability because he did not make up his mind to fight. He can appreciate the true worth of coming to Yamaguchi once we help him expand his true strength and capabilities.” Hearing this story, the dispatched members were very moved by President Ikeda’s compassion toward this member.

Not just using strategies or methodologies!
Members from Adachi Chapter (in Tokyo) fought at Ube City. But they had a difficult time
there. After 10 days, their Shakubuku result was zero. The person in charge struggled. After he returned to Tokyo, he continually visited President Ikeda in Ichigaya city.
He had to wait there awhile to meet with President Ikeda since he was busy meeting with
someone else. While he was waiting, he was thinking, “How I should report?”, or “Will he teach
me good strategy?”.
Then, President Ikeda entered. He immediately explained his dead-end situation to Sensei.
President Ikeda said, “Once you have determined to do Shakubuku, it’s important not to be defeated by your own weakness. Faith is, in other words, determination and practice.” At the next campaign the following month, the members in Adachi Chapter achieved great victory through “acting calmly and unflappably”, thorough “Shakubuku and persuasive dialogue”.
There is guidance from President Ikeda. It says, “Most important thing is to have strong Ichinen
to win no matter what, or to really have fighting spirit. When we pray deeply with focusing this point, all our action will not be failed. We can advance toward the eternal victory.

♦Testimony: Tatsuko Kitakaze (Unit Leader in Fukuoka Chapter at that time)

Early afternoon on October 9th, I hurried to Toyokan in Kitakyushu City from Fukuoka.
As soon as I arrived at the Toyokan, Sensei asked me various questions in succession such as:
“What is your strong point?” “How about your shortcomings?” To my reply, Sensei said, “ Your
shortcoming is carelessness, isn’t it?” As I wondered how he knew that, he told me that he had
read the leaders’ card, in which I had described myself. Before he came to Yamaguchi he had read about each one of the dispatched members. I was surprised with his mindfulness. The first thing I learned from President Ikeda was the importance of preparation before facing battles.
He also looked at the health column of my card. I reported that because I had been suffering
from scrofulous tendency, and was told that I would die before I would turn 7 years old.
Then Sensei said, “The bodhisattva of the earth is originally born with strong body. I had suffered from tuberculoses, occasionally coughing up blood, but decided that I was strong and healthy.
Later, I understood the reason why President Ikeda told me that story at that moment. He
pointed out to me that I was preoccupied with the idea of my sickness and my health problems.
Since then, I decided that I was robust, that I was in robust health. Then, I actually became healthy.
Sensei continued with questions. “What is your hobby?” I replied, “My hobbies are listening to
music and reading books.” “Which composer do you like?” “I like Beethoven.” “Do you know
in what thought and with what feeling he composed his music?” I was at a loss for a reply.
I was also asked about my reading. As I told him that I love to read Tolstoy, he pressed me for
specific answer by saying, “Tell me some of his works.” As I answered, he repeatedly asked me,
“And what else?” “And what else?”
When I answered, “Crime and Punishment” he stopped asking. Crime and Punishment was
written by Dostoevsky, not by Tolstoy.
He pointed out that I should not be haphazard, but should be thorough. I reflected on my tendency of leaving things half done.
On that day training for me as a leader began. Sensei said, “Come see me every day while I am
in Shimonoseki.” From then on, I started commuting to Shimonoseki though I was working at a
department store in Hakata. It was too good for me that President Ikeda had waited for my
arrival before starting Gongyo at the meetings. I was touched by Sensei’s persistent wish for
youth to grow.

♦Testimony: Toshie Shirai (Women’s District Leader in Koiwa Chapter at the time)

With the war, it went down hill for my family. My father worked even with his illness and my
mother sold candies in front of a train station and earned very little money. Although my
family’s situation, which had hit rock bottom, began improving a little, it still amazes me how I
participated in the campaign without having a steady job. Sensei introduced us to the local
members. At an inn in Ube, Sensei told everyone that I came from a very prestigious family. ---
Coming from a prestigious family – I repeatedly said it to myself to digest it. Sensei’s words
became the light of hope.

♦Testimony: Hatsue Miyazaki (Chapter Board Member for Bunkyo Chapter at that time)

Though the members from Bunkyo Chapter came to Yamaguchi triumphantly, we could not
accomplish the Shakubuku of even one household. Sensei came at the time when we were in great trouble. When Gongyo began at the stronghold, I felt the force was getting stronger as we chanted in the same rhythm with Sensei.
As soon as gongyo was finished, Sensei turned around and said, “You will be able to successfully Shakubuku starting from tomorrow.” He sounded very confident. With these words, we became one and exclaimed, “Let’s do it!” From that day forth, things progressed as Sensei had predicted.

♦Testimony: Toshie Usui (In charge of districts in Koiwa Chapter at that time)

We did gongyo and chanted with Sensei in the morning and then we were sent off from the
stronghold in the city of Ube with Sensei telling us, “Do your best!” We walked all day long.
We talked and talked but people didn't care for what we said. When we came back tired and woeful Sensei welcomed us back to the stronghold with warmth.
We could not raise our faces, because tears of shame were running down our cheeks.
Sensei then said, “Shakubuku is the most difficult of all the difficult tasks. That is why we receive benefits and build fortune. You can’t feel defeated just because you couldn’t accomplish it today. You can accomplish your goals tomorrow!” I felt revived by his strong encouragements. I sat left-behind Sensei at the next morning's gongyo. "I will do it today!” I chanted for my life. He turned around when we were chanting and said into my ear, “You chant in the same rhythm as the leader”. I blushed then, and realized it was an important guidance to receive as a Soka Gakkai member. When I left the stronghold, He told me “you can do it today!”
My courage multiplied by 100 and I took off to the city. I accomplished Shakubuku with my desperate efforts to win and came back with the last train. I came back and ran to the second floor to report the news to sensei. Right when I opened the door where everyone was, Sensei said “Congratulations!” Tears of joy dropped from my face this time.

How Can We Achieve a Great, High Life-condition Like That of a Sensei?
Observing President Ikeda’s actions forging ahead, gaining the trust of anyone who comes into
contact with him along the way, a leader in Fukuoka Chapter was prompted to ask President
Ikeda, “How should we carry out our practice in order to achieve a great, high life-condition like that of yours?”
“I have always prayed for growth of those districts and chapters that were struggling the most.”
President Ikeda answered. Voluntarily he would go into areas with the least growth, assuming
the responsibility of realizing Kosen-rufu of these areas on his own. This leader often
wondered, “Why do they always assign me to the worst areas?” However, President Ikeda’s
response to his question led him to seriously reflect on his weakness.

♦Testimony: Kazuko Takeuchi (Sakai Chapter Board Member at that time)
I participated from Sakai chapter. I went to Hagi city relying on few personal connections within
the chapter.
The place was bound by old customs and propagation was not proceeding well. When it came to a deadlock, some members started to say “I want to go home!” During this time of struggle, Sensei came to Takagiya Inn. Right away, he smiled and said “That’s all right! You can do shakubuku from tomorrow!” Then he continued. “If you have decided to do shakubuku, the you definitely can do it!! Let’s spend time tonight without thinking about the result of Shakubuku. Let’s strive for Kosen-rufu joyously together.” He talked with every person warmly and gave them guidance. For me, he wrote a postcard to my husband who was staying at home. I learned in my heart that not to be narrow minded only by adhering to the result of Shakubuku. The joy which we can share with all members to accomplish the great mission for kosen-rufu together is much more important.” All the members’ hearts became one. Then we could do Shakubuku as if the fog cleared completely. It inspired us with hope. Later, we did 49 Shakubuku within 3 days. When I went back to my home, I saw the postcard from sensei. It read: “Your wife is fighting brilliantly for Kosen-rufu of Sanyo Area in Hagi City. I can imagine the inconveniences that you may face in her absence. However, please recognize that this battle will serve to build the foundation for the establishment of a new chapter supported by the delegates of the Thus Come One. I am praying that you will receive great honors and benefits.”
My husband understood Sensei’s wish for him to welcome me home as if he were welcoming the Buddha. My husband welcomed me with a warm smile and said, “You look divine! It was just like the Buddha came home.”

Everyone is waiting
President Ikeda traveled around Yamaguchi. Transportation in Yamaguchi was by train and by
bus. However, the connections were very bad. A woman who welcomed President Ikeda at
Chitose Inn, a base in Tokuyama, recalled: “When Sensei arrived, he said ‘I am tired.’ Beads of sweat stood out on his face. At that time, many people had already gathered. Sensei wiped the perspiration from his face and said ‘everyone is waiting. I should not take a rest.’ Then he entered the room, saying ‘Hello everyone, how are you?’ with a powerful voice. It was miraculous because he had almost collapsed from exhaustion.”

Testimony: Yoshiaki Matsui (Matsushima Chapter District Secretary at that time)

At a dispatched place, Sensei entrusted his bag to me. When I held it, it was lighter than I
thought. I was thinking that it had to be heavy because of Gosho and books. But when I peeked in through an opening, there were many medicine bottles. He took a leadership role in the battle even though he was in poor health.

Testimony: Mitsui Hiasa (lived in Ube City at that time, joined Soka Gakkai in June, 1956)

It was October. I walked to Matsuya Inn in Ube City wearing old wooden clogs and carrying my
daughter. I think it was about 7 miles away from my tiny house. Sensei asked me “How old are
you?” I said, “I am 28 years old.” I must have looked terrible, because I was poor and dusty all
over, with disheveled hair. Sensei said, “If you have faith, you will be youthful.” Because of that statement, I stood up and changed my life condition.

more to share.. ultimately the key is to actualising our mentors' word and exerting our utmost without giving up. Sensei has showned actual proof of achieving victory when we possess the correct Oneness of mentor and disciple spirit. Now it is our turn.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Hello fellow comrades,

please note that HGS chapter are having our SYC duty this coming moday, 14th Apr, 7pm -930pm.

Lets take this opportunity to rally our friends and members and spend a fulfilling and meaningful evening together.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

WE HIT 20,000!!!


we have hit our 20,000!! (of cuz much earlier.. this is a backdated update..) hahaha..

went down to syc with one of my ywd friend to help out piecing the jigsaw.. we have to piece 2 puzzles actually.. 1 to be sent to sensei, the other to be placed in SYC..

alamak.. all the pieces look the same neh.. :S

see the already completed portion? *sense of satisfaction*

hide-and-seek neh.. *wisdom wisdom*

is this the one??? nevermind lets try one by one.. =)

the progress after 4 hrs of struggling.. Gambatte!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

reachin 14,000!!!

Dearest all YWD Leaders,

Updates!!! We are nearing the 14,000 mark, hopefully we will break the 15,000 mark by tonight.

We are @ 13994 today from 13676 yesterday, a jump of 318 dialogues... As the 3.16 events preparations gets geared up , Let's grab the time NOW to involve as many of our YWD Mbrs/Bels in the dialogue campaign so all will understand the significance of 3.16 & strengthen our bond with Sensei ..

NOW we have 6006 & 3 more days to go... Can we SG YWDs win this battle!! Let us be the one to determine the results.. let's create an unprecedenct VICTORY!!!

Lastly, recent words from Ikeda Sensei published in the Seikyo Shimbun.

March 10th - 16th, 2008
Let's hold a vibrant and uplifting discussion meeting,brimming with the spirit of March 16 (Kosen-rufu Day)*.Let's share our thoughts and experiences with each otherenthusiastically and without hesitation during the meeting.This is the meeting where kosen-rufu really exists and advancesand where capable people begin to learn how to develop their capabilities.

Michelle: ** In our dailogue campaign, the 1-1 dialogue sessions are also considered as a mini discussion meeting... :) **

*On March 16,1958, more than 6,000 youth attended a ceremony at the head temple where President Josei Toda passed the responsibility for the spreadof the Daishonin's Buddhism to all the youth division members.
(The Human Revolution, Vol. 12, "Successors" chapter)

** Shin'ichi also shared some memories of his times with Josei Toda: "March 16, 1958, was the day our mentor, President Toda, revealed for us the outline of kosen-rufu, letting us participate in a dress rehearsal for that time so that we would know in what direction to strive. A top government leader had promised to attend that day but in the end couldn't make it.President Toda declared that all of a nation's citizens, including its prime minister, are equal in front of the Gohonzon. He showed us a vision of kosen-rufu in which the light of the Mystic Law would shine equally on all people."

After the ceremony and just before returning to his lodging, President Toda called out to us, 'Let us fight!' I think these words are profoundly meaningful. I feel certain he was referring to the whole spectrum of struggles we must grapple with: to help those suffering become happy, to challenge erroneous teachings, to fight against abuses and injustices committed by those in positions of power and our individual struggle against our own weaknesses.

"In any case, when I heard him call out, 'Let us fight!'--his eyes sharp and radiant, his voice strong and vibrant despite his terrible gauntness--I was electrified. At that time, I resolved anew to fight intrepidly forkosen-rufu. His cry came from the depths of his being; it was an appeal from his very life.

"Engraving our mentor's words deeply in our hearts, let's fight resolutely and unceasingly until the day we have finally achieved kosen-rufu." (The New Human Revolution, Vol. 4, "Spring Storm" chapter)

Editors' note: it is already the crucial moment i have decided. why? because every moment i determined it to the moment igive my best, the moment i fight to my utmost for my members, the moment where my members are suffering and need me. "Engraving our mentor's words deeply in our hearts" means to bear in mind and put into action every word our mentor said and not to say repeat it over and over again like a fairytale. Lets Fight! my comrades, lets emerge from the earth!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We have broken the 13,000 mark!!

Dearest all YWD Leaders,

Congratulations!!! We have broken the 13,000 mark, hopefully we will break the 15,000 mark by tonight.

We are @ 13676 today from 12962 two days days ago, a jump of 714 dialogues... As the 3.16 events preparations gets geared up , Let's grab the time NOW to involve as many of our YWD Mbrs/Bels in the dialogue campaign so all will understand the significance of 3.16 & strengthen our bond with Sensei ..

NOW we have 6319 & 4 more days to go... All in One mind, SG YWDs!! let's create an unprecedenct VICTORY!!!

Lastly, sharing as promised, YWD's struggles for the dailogue campaign..

"We've conducted a small group dialogue with Paya Lebar West YWD. 8 YWDs (incl myself) attended and had a joyous discussion on our involvement in 3.16 and what we learn thus far from these preparations. Even YWD who are very quiet prior to this shares resolutely on her understanding on 3.16. A very very quiet and timid YWD even brokethrough her own fears, learn to identify dialogue opportunity and summoned the courage to speak to her colleague and sister.

We're mutually encouraged, and are more determined to win in this campaign by continuing and expanding our dialogue efforts.

paya lebar west chapter YWD Leader


6 more dialogues for me so far~1 dialogue from a believer. She invited her friend to the Chapter YWD mtg.if including the chapter YWD mtg over weekend, that'll be another 8 more.
i've been like erh.. encouraging my gals to share with their friends, while i'm totally weak at knees when it regards to that. So feel abit bad. This morning, refreshed and chanted that i must talk to at least 1 new friend everyday. Was running late for work, but somehow managed to go thru a not-the-usual-route to work today. with coincidence, found myself sitting beside a chinese student (from my workplace). Was comtemplating to hide in my own world of earphones or talk to her. But well, managed to hear her share about her plans to go to states and her uncertainty etc. didn't specifically told her i'm from soka or what. but did encourage her to think about her goals, dreams and to be determined to win before going for battle. (Yesterday, Future division mtg's theme was determination) So, very happy about that. lOL.Sorry, type so many. Thanks~Cheers,

Goldhill chpt YWD Leader

See attached latest updates of our spring dialogues so far.. over last week we had very wonderful reach out! Lets jia you!! A ywd ldr from toh guan upon knowing about our this campaign did 20 dialogues since the last discussion meeting.. truly encouraging!!
I made a BIG mistake.. not 200 per zone.. its 200 per chap!! The last fri youth leaders daimoku meeting was very encouraging and the daimoku chanted was POWER fighting daimoku!! Lets reach out to all leaders not to miss the last one on 7 March Fri @ TBSC.. how wonderful to have these events to rally and inspire the entire youth division! Pls reach out to all leaders to share about our 20k ywd dialogues campaign and 3.16 significant and events.. and encouragement to reach out and rope in their members and believers too.. lets not miss any out of this wonderful opportunities to work together with sensei on this significant 50th anniversary of 3.16!
Keep the updates coming.. tks!!

Jurong zone chief

Wow the bintan ywds dialogue efforts really encouraging!! Now then I notice it includes them!

Jurong zone chief


how can you miss out in this important campaign right now??? Lets strive as well as win in this important campaign together with all our comrades to give this wonderful present to our mentor, shall we?


Monday, March 10, 2008

We have hit the 12,000 mark!!!

Just to clarify an error in the last update on Junior Choir YWDs (A&C groups) achieving 151 dialogues in a week. It should be Dailogues achieved since January.

Congratulations & Well done!!! We have broken the 12,000 mark, hopefully we will break the 13,000 mark by tonight.

We are @ 12962 today from 10272 four days days ago, a jump of 2690 dialogues... As the 3.16 events preparations gets geared up , Let's grab the time NOW to involve as many of our YWD Mbrs/Bels in the dialogue campaign so all will understand the significance of 3.16 & strengthen our bond with Sensei ..

NOW we have 7038 & 6 more days to go... (Estimated 10 dialogue per chapter per day) All in One mind, I am very confident that SG YWDs will WIN!!

Lastly, recent Sensei's guidances shared at last Friday Prayer Meeting.

"The young women's division members in particular are extremely dedicated.
In spite of their youth, they are summoning forth great courage and making earnest efforts to share the Daishonin's Buddhism with others and promote the Seikyo Shimbun (In our case, CL & SSA Times).

No doubt they occasionally have to deal with thoughtless or unkind remarks from acquaintances, and to face misunderstandings and prejudices because of their Buddhist faith and practice. The young women's division is very important. I want all of its members to lead wise and confident lives.

Don't live this period of youth in an aimless, empty fashion that you are certain to regret later. Please reassure your parents by staying on this great path of true happiness. Courage is the driving force for victory. A truly happy person is one who remains undefeated, no matter what happens.

Ultimately, unless we win over ourselves, over our own weaknesses, we won't be able to open the way to true happiness. Kosen-rufu also moves forward through winning. Winning makes our Buddhahood shine forth from within.

Attaining Buddhahood is just another way of describing true victory. Let's all win! To win, it is crucial to chant daimoku and forge inner strength. Soviet cosmonaut Yury Gagarin (1934-68), who was the first person to fly into space, declared: "Success favors the bold." Success does not favor the timid-it flees from them! . Be bold and courageous. Faith is the highest form of courage. Courage is the heart of Buddhism."

--- Editors' note ---

for my dearest HGS comrades and friends,

if you are reading this blog, i hope you can provide me with ur support.. (not morally thou) but pls spread this message with your mbrs and ldrs and let them also know about this blog and contribute to it. Let this be another(not the only) medium wher we can use technology to do kosen-rufu. And if you have any ideas or things where you feel will make this blog more attractive and interactive, more content etc, pls let me know. in future, i would like to let this become a bulletin board where constant updates for campaigns can be posted here.